Bring out the
true potential
of your candidates

Algo Interview is the only tool that can automatically identify soft skills in candidates from the very first steps of selection. It will help you identify the resources with the greatest potential by going beyond the simple CV and providing you with a proven assessment from top HR experts.

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Advisors & Partners

Alessandro Rimassa
Advisor & Investor
Founder of Radical HR and Talent Garden Innovation School
Roberto Brenner
Senior Advisor
Head of Google Marketing Platform Italy
Intesa Sanpaolo
Italian Banking Group

Transform the way you hire

Without Algo Interview

  You cannot verify soft skills written in CVs

  You don't get to know the candidate until the interview

  You only analyze the academic and professional experience

  You rely on expensive and non-customisable assessments

  You conduct a lot of first interviews you could have avoided

With Algo Interview

  You select candidated based on the soft skills you seek

  You immediately get an idea of who the candidate is

  You get a complete overview of hard and soft skills

  You completely customise the evaluation process

  You only interview the most suitable candidates


Automatically identify the candidates with the soft skills you need

Thanks to the automatic evaluation of video interviews, Algo Interview allows you to identify directly from the pre-screening phase those who possess the skills that are really needed to make them pivotal elements of your team.


With our technology you can dedicate yourself only to those resources that will prove decisive for you

Thanks to a precise assessment based on the comparison of millions of data points, Algo Interview allows you to see which people have what it takes to become your next team leader.

How it works

Automatically obtain accurate and reliable assessments of your candidates' soft skills in 3 simple steps:

1. Choose the soft skills

and the related questions

2. Invite the candidates

to respond via video

3. See the evaluations

to identify the best candidates

What kind of company are you?

By providing us with this information you enable us to offer you the best solution for your business. If you are not sure which one to choose, don't worry: in any case, our consultants will always provide you with the best solution upon meeting you.

Startups, micro-enterprises and SMEs

Choose this option if your company has less than 250 employees and a non-existent or poorly structured HR department.


Choose this option if your company has more than 250 employees and a medium or very structured HR department.

Frequently asked questions

Algo Interview is a platform that allows you to identify soft skills in the hiring process of your candidates. You will be able to create on-demand video interviews so you can get to know your candidates before the live interview. We will analyze for you the skills you think are important.

Algo Interview helps you identify the true potential of your candidates by assessing all those skills that make a candidate a talent and that you could not verify from a simple CV. Using our platform will also speed up your selection process.

Our Al processes data collected from video interviews and analyzes them by focusing on two macro areas: the context of the answer, i.e., the relevance of what is said in response to the question, and the emotion expressed by the candidate during the answer.

Our HR team will help you identify the most important competences according to the type of profile you are selecting.

Trying Algo Interview is very simple: click on the button "Try Algo Interview" button on the site and fill out the Calendly form. You will be able to book a short demo aimed at showing you how the tool works and opening your account!

We take talent seriously. Do you?

We know how much a wrong hire can weigh on company productivity. That is why we want to put you in a position to choose only from the best resources.