Transform the way
you hire

Discover the true potential of your candidates. We are people, not just CVs.

Short on time? You only need 3 steps
to get real results from Algo Interview!

1. Create the video interview

Set the structure of your interview in just a few clicks.

Write the name of the job position you are interviewing for and the language in which you want the interview to be carried out.

Select the soft skills you consider important to cover the job position and to effectively introduce the resource in the company.

Choose the most important questions to ask your candidates.

2. Invite your candidates

Invite candidates to the video interview via emails generated directly from Algo Interview. Is the list of recipients long?
No problem, you can easily send multiple invitations with one click.

3. Analyze and identify your talents

See the results of the video interviews in your Algo Interview account and find out which candidates have the most potential.
View all statistics, including the number of candidates who started or finished the video interview.

Access the ranking of your candidates by clicking on a skill.

Get to know your candidates from every angle by watching their videos and accessing detailed reports.

What are you waiting for? Try Algo Interview now!

Contact us to schedule a demo with one of our consultants, who will show you how to use Algo Interview to revolutionise your company's selection process.

We take talent
seriously. Do you?

We know how much a wrong hire can weigh on company productivity. That is why we want to put you in a position to choose only from the best resources.
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