What we mean when
we talk about soft skills

Soft skills are those skills such as leadership, communication, and teamworking that distinguish an ideal candidate from an adequate one.

Problem Solving

The ability to identify and understand problems in order to be able to define priorities, evaluate facts, develop solutions.

Cognitive Flexibility

Ability to adapt to the context and to different situations with the aim or reaching expected goals.

Critical Thinking

The ability to analyze, reflect, evaluate and communicate

Result Orientation

The ability to remain focused on the goal without getting stopped or distracted by obstacles of various kinds.


The ability to cooperate and adapt to the needs of the group in order to reach a common goal.


The ability to lead a group towards a common goal, to assign objectives and to manage activities and different dynamics, even those that involve conflict.


Interaction during which, starting from a situation of conflict, two or more counterparts try to reach an agreement on a mutually acceptable goal.

Focus on the other

The ability to identify, understand and satisfy other individuals' needs.

Emotional intelligence

The ability to effectively use emotions in interpersonal relationships. It allows one to recognise and manage other people's emotions.

Organization and planning

The ability to correctly distribute tasks and responsibilities, to establish priorities, to define a structure for working hours.

Willingness to learn

The ability to commit oneself to study, reflect and have the experiences that are necessary to broaden and develop one's knowledge.


The ability to resist and reorganise one's life with a positive outcome after negative events have occurred.

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